3 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Generating Sales

Seeing plenty of traffic through your site but not getting any sales or enquiries? You’re one of the many thousands of businesses struggling to generate revenue through their websites. Whether you’re an online retailer waiting for customers to ‘add to basket’ or a B2B service provider checking your inbox for that elusive enquiry, a lack […]

truly great content

How to Create Truly Great Content Ideas

The crucial thing that separates content marketers from copywriters is strategy. Rather than creating content based on a paint-by-numbers brief, the content marketing process invariably starts with ideation – and coming up with the goods can be challenging without some idea of where to start. Especially if you’re expecting the proverbial lightning bolt to strike. […]

Content Marketing

The Quality Content Blueprint

Content marketing isn’t an exact science – but it’s not far off. Creating quality content is an invaluable asset and serious currency for your business – and subjectivity arguments aside, the truth is that all first-grade content – like all first-grade content marketers – looks the same on the inside. The Content 3 Reasons You […]

Content Marketing Strategy: the Call to Action

The Psychology of a Killer Call to Action

Cynically put, content marketing exists to bait online visitors into joining your customer base. Offering them something readable and relatable in exchange for their engagement with your brand is a fair trade – but without sweetening the deal, they’ll bounce right off your site and remain a one-time visitor. Content that converts is built upon […]

Mailchimp High Five

Bossing Email Marketing From Day One

If you’re a business making a move into the email marketing sphere, it’s likely (and totally understandable) that you’re feeling daunted by the enormity of this marketing process. Email continues to evolve, and with it, grows the necessity for email marketers to change the game. At GNT, we’re a bunch of shameless nerds and love […]

Content: When Nothing Seems to Go Right, Go Left

What Is ‘Creative Content Marketing’? Content marketing is a term that’s regularly thrown around the internet – and at GNT, this is one of our specialisms. But if you’re a newbie to the online marketing world and fancy a little clarification – let’s start with a neat little definition: Content marketing is a marketing technique […]

Audience Engagement 101

Online marketing has reached the point of being pretty much essential for the growth and revenue intake of a business, with the primary factor being an ability to make your customers want what you’re offering. Social media in particular offers a plethora of online marketing options for businesses of all shapes and sizes, so this […]

Creative Content Marketing – The Dos and Don’ts

To engage with your target audience in a productive way it’s a really good idea to focus on content marketing, a method of communication that goes above and beyond adverts and banners. Until recently it mostly meant producing blogs, articles and customer forums, but to truly excite and grow your customer base it’s now more […]

Content Marketing – It’s Older Than You Think

The term ‘content marketing‘ has been thrown around since at least 2001, but the concept behind it is much older. At its core content marketing is about giving customers added value from your brand, and that idea dates back centuries. Consumer Magazines In 1895 agricultural machinery manufactures John Deere wanted a way to give farmers […]