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Quick-Fire Tips for Winning Business Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the big daddy of B2B social media platforms and can prove an incredibly lucrative channel for businesses or marketers looking to find new clients online. With well over 400 million users to its name, this almighty social network has proven its worth when it comes to helping users discover, contact and convert prospects […]


The Social Network Decoder

Social media marketing is a fine art – offering a host of tools by which businesses can engineer their way to online greatness. Once considered a fad, it’s now pretty clear social media is a mainstay of the online marketing sphere and one that will endure while more niche promotional channels plateau into obsoletion. Whether […]

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The 140-Character Limit: Economical Exchanges

Over half-a-million people across the globe regularly use Twitter for their social fix, with 60 million unique tweets posted each day on average. Be it to communicate with friends, follow celebrities or generally just to express what you are doing at a particular time, Twitter really does cater for everyone. And that is why it […]

How to Be a Social Media Butterfly

Social media has been the marketing buzzword of recent years – and has since gone from strength to strength, with 89% of online marketers acknowledging that it’s an essential tool for pushing brand exposure. When done well, social media can prove an invaluable resource for any business with an online presence. Still, many small businesses […]

Going Viral: the Vine Marketing Revolution

Social media marketing continues to expand and evolve, dominating more and more mainstream social channels in the name of business promotion. Marketing strategies have now moved into the realm of video, exploiting the many benefits offered by this dynamic and multi-dimensional medium. Vine is the latest addition to the online marketer’s video toolkit, providing businesses […]

Pinterest & Product Promotion

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but this is especially true when it comes to marketing your business online. According to data collected by shopping gurus Rich Relevance, users connecting to businesses via Pinterest spend significantly more than users coming from other social networking sites, including almost twice as much as […]

Hashtagging for Growth

Here at GNT Media, we make sure to stay consistently on top of social trends and fully utilise their marketing potential. In this article, our social media experts will explain the benefits of hashtags for small businesses in reference to branding and marketing opportunities. We will focus on the big three hashtagging social networks that […]

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Our Favourite Social Media (for SEOs) Resources

Social media already plays a role in SEO ranking but as yet, we don’t know exactly how much. Nearly every SEO expert agrees that the future of SEO lies in a strong social media presence. There has never been a better opportunity to prepare and place your site in a position to capitalise on a […]