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Our Favourite Social Media (for SEOs) Resources

Social media already plays a role in SEO ranking but as yet, we don’t know exactly how much. Nearly every SEO expert agrees that the future of SEO lies in a strong social media presence. There has never been a better opportunity to prepare and place your site in a position to capitalise on a great social media presence.

The basics of having a presence on Facebook and Twitter should be an automatic step for your website. Both Google and Bing have acknowledged that they place some importance on the number of fans and followers you have, and also the amount of likes and retweets you gain.

Many of the industry’s top experts have written some superb and informative articles on the subject so here we present 10 of the Best Resources on Social Media for SEO:

1.  Tweets vs Rankings

Anyone with the slightest doubt about the impact that Twitter can have on search rankings should start with this study from award winning Leeds SEO agency, Branded3. This is the largest study of its kind and makes a compelling case for ensuring that encouraging twitter sharing is a part of your social media strategy.

2. Social Signals – This Changes Everything

Distilled give a frank and honest answer when asked about the future of SEO: social signals. A great read on how social signals are being integrated into the SERPs. As Rob Ousbey takes you (very briefly) through Google’s progress from launch to the present day it becomes completely apparent why social is the future of SEO. If you were ever looking for a reason to invest in social media this is it.

3. Google+ & Pinterest – Are You Being Left Behind?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter, but how about Google’s own offering Google+ or the new popular site Pinterest? What are they, how do they work and most importantly, can they help my business?

Alex from Web Profits discusses the two social media outlets in these two informative videos:

4. The Right Way to Use Social Media for Outreach

As SEOs, we need to constantly build relationships with bloggers and webmasters. With social media, the barriers for contacting people have disappeared and it is now easier than ever to get in touch with anyone, anywhere. But are you using the most effective methods?

5. Social Media and SEO

Brad Shorr talks about the relationship between social media and SEO. What is really interesting about this post is that Brad looks at display optimisation – an area where social media is becoming more important as Google starts to return more social results in SERPs.  Brad also includes 10 Actionable steps you can take for effective social media SEO.

6. How Social Media Effects SEO

This post from Neil Patel is almost a year old but remains highly relevant. As well as pointing to some great examples of how social effects search, he shares some interesting ideas regarding author authority.

7. SEOmoz’s Social Media Marketer’s Checklist

The industry leader SEOmoz presents the very insightful and practical Social Media Marketer’s Checklist. What is interesting about this post is that it looks at the SEO/Social Media relationship in the other direction and provides actionable tips for social media marketers to follow to have a great SEO impact.

8. Trends for Social Media in SEO 2012

What is the future of SEO with regard to social media? It is always fun to read ‘prediction’ posts after the event, 6 months since Bob Tripathi wrote this post it looks like his crystal ball was firmly intact.

If you weren’t already convinced that social is an essential tool in every SEOs arsenal, having read the last 8 posts you now should be. We thought it would be a great idea to finish off with two great ‘how to’ posts:

9. 6 Posts That Build Engagement

For someone new to social media finding effective ways to engage with your audience can be daunting. In this post on Mashable, Aaron Lee looks at 6 types of post on Facebook that can promote audience engagement:

10. Your First 100 Twitter followers

The internet is awash with great advice on more effective ways to engage with your Twitter followers but there are remarkably few posts that give advice on what to do with a brand new Twitter account. In steps Rob Ousbey with this great post on Distilled:


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