Content Marketing

The Quality Content Blueprint

Content marketing isn’t an exact science – but it’s not far off. Creating quality content is an invaluable asset and serious currency for your business – and subjectivity arguments aside, the truth is that all first-grade content – like all first-grade content marketers – looks the same on the inside. The Content 3 Reasons You […]


The Social Network Decoder

Social media marketing is a fine art – offering a host of tools by which businesses can engineer their way to online greatness. Once considered a fad, it’s now pretty clear social media is a mainstay of the online marketing sphere and one that will endure while more niche promotional channels plateau into obsoletion. Whether […]


The Top-Down SEO Toolkit

Of the core components of any holistic online marketing campaign, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is without doubt the most complex. Doing SEO well means much more than clumsily shoving some keywords into a semi-relevant blog post – and without the right tools at your disposal, your SEO efforts stand little to no chance of getting […]

Content Marketing Strategy: the Call to Action

The Psychology of a Killer Call to Action

Cynically put, content marketing exists to bait online visitors into joining your customer base. Offering them something readable and relatable in exchange for their engagement with your brand is a fair trade – but without sweetening the deal, they’ll bounce right off your site and remain a one-time visitor. Content that converts is built upon […]

Mailchimp High Five

Bossing Email Marketing From Day One

If you’re a business making a move into the email marketing sphere, it’s likely (and totally understandable) that you’re feeling daunted by the enormity of this marketing process. Email continues to evolve, and with it, grows the necessity for email marketers to change the game. At GNT, we’re a bunch of shameless nerds and love […]

whats happening

The 140-Character Limit: Economical Exchanges

Over half-a-million people across the globe regularly use Twitter for their social fix, with 60 million unique tweets posted each day on average. Be it to communicate with friends, follow celebrities or generally just to express what you are doing at a particular time, Twitter really does cater for everyone. And that is why it […]


Our Digital Scrapbook: 2014 for GNT Media

2015 is in session and at GNT Media, we’re starting this year feeling pretty optimistic. 2014 was an exciting time for GNT Media team, bringing with it an array of memorable moments and more than a few professional achievements. 2015 is set to be a great year for our online marketing agency – and today […]

Custom MailChimp Forms: How to Use MailChimp API and PHP

The Problem Email marketing seems simple enough on the surface, often packaged up neatly in user-friendly software like MailChimp, however when you delve deeper – the lack of direct control can become a problem. One area of difficulty we email marketers fall into time and time again is the dreaded sign-up form. Software like MailChimp […]

Content: When Nothing Seems to Go Right, Go Left

What Is ‘Creative Content Marketing’? Content marketing is a term that’s regularly thrown around the internet – and at GNT, this is one of our specialisms. But if you’re a newbie to the online marketing world and fancy a little clarification – let’s start with a neat little definition: Content marketing is a marketing technique […]