Community Management

“Remarkable social media and great sales copy are pretty much the same – plain spoken words designed to focus on the needs of reader, listener or viewer.”

Brian Clark, Copyblogger


Whatever industry you’re in, a large percentage of your target audience belongs to online communities and social media groups. It’s in these virtual forums that they share their opinions, their desires and their industry news. As this sharing becomes increasingly speedy, so does the rate at which your audience’s knowledge and interests evolve – and social media marketing is the key to engaging this vibrant online community.

Through community management, you can keep track of what your audience is talking about, as well as current industry trends, and become an integrated part of that community. This provides a portal through which you can develop brand recognition and subsequently make the business a more profitable one.

At GNT Media, we don’t do gratuitous social media maintenance. Channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer a massive range of unique business benefits and our community management involves taking advantage of these assets to serve your primary objectives.

A formidable social presence is about much more than numbers. Our aim is to work with our clients to build a large, loyal fan base of engaged readers and happy customers – and this ethos is at the heart of every community management project we undertake.

Before we start, we need to know:

  • Where the client’s social following stands right now, and where you’d like it to be
  • How and where the audience spends their time and consumes information, as this will help us identify which social channels will offer you the greatest benefit
  • Where key industry influencers are active on social media, to help us establish a means of building valuable relationships with them
  • Which competitors’ social presences the client aspires to, so that we can use aspects of their approach to inform our own social strategy


Our approach to social media marketing has much in common with the way we treat our full service projects – not least in terms of integration. It’s our belief that a complementary blend of community management best practices is the recipe for legitimate, long-lasting growth – and we work closely with our clients to deliver a bespoke service that combines all tactics with the potential to support the overall goals of the project.

Effective community management tactics include:

  • Running relevant competitions to increase crucial brand awareness over a short period of time
  • Sharing high quality content, whether curated from other trusted, non-competitive sources or created specifically for the client’s blog
  • Cementing mutually respectful customer relationships, building brand loyalty in the long term
  • Creating and nurturing relationships with industry influencers, as well as potential customers or clients
  • Social link-building, with an aim to efficiently and effectively boost link equity site-wide

Social media marketing’s greatest success stories are a testament to the power of a targeted approach. We urge our clients to avoid spreading themselves too thinly across a number of contrasting platforms and instead work with them to create a distinct and defined online presence – using the most suitable channels for their industry and harnessing them to the best possible effect.


Social media marketing is the new definition of brand messaging and, as such, feeds all other aspects of a holistic marketing campaign. At GNT Media, using a variety of social platforms in a variety of ways means there are also a number of diverse metrics we use to track our long-term success.

While some tactics may be designed to deliver instant results, others involve careful and continued nurturing. For that reason, we monitor the progress of our community management in terms of the big picture rather than claiming wins on a week to week basis.

No two community management projects are the same – but our clients enjoy a combination of the following benefits as a result of our expertise:

  • Substantial audience growth across key social channels
  • A considerable and continual increase in audience engagement with the brand and its social media posts
  • Increased traffic through to the site from a number of social platforms
  • Both product or service enquiries and links earned directly through social media – a direct by-product of our efforts

Interested in transforming your business into a recognised brand? Get in touch to discuss community management with our social media experts today.