Content Marketing

“SEO plays a major role in the overall success of any blogging venture.”

Neil Patel, KISSmetrics


Content marketing is all about creating content that actually adds value to your audience’s lives – content they look forward to receiving and actively choose to engage with while browsing. Your target audience are just as tired of spammy emails, flashing banners and pop-ups as you are – and professional content marketing doesn’t directly advertise your company or services.

Instead, it aligns your brand with quality, shareable content that keeps your audience informed on the latest industry news – be it informative, creative or just downright entertaining.

At GNT Media, we devise a bespoke content marketing strategy for each of our clients. The ultimate aim is to establish the site as a reliable source of engaging, actionable, problem-solving content to raise brand awareness and drive lucrative traffic to your website.

We’re not copywriters, we’re content marketers – and marketing strategy is built into everything we do. Content and SEO can never be mutually exclusive concepts, so our content marketing projects are driven by SEO best practices and designed to deliver on your goals rather than commit to creating content for its own sake.

An ongoing content project must be built on strategic planning to succeed – and an analysis of the industry landscape is always our first step.

To create an informed and inventive content plan, we start by:

  • Executing exhaustive and in-depth keyword research to find a broad spectrum of valuable and winnable terms surrounding your product or service and your industry as a whole
  • Conducting systematic competitor analysis to establish where and how exactly they’re winning in search, to inform our own plan for your content
  • Investigating relevant content that has performed exceptionally well on social media, with an aim to identify the recipes for success and incorporate these into our plan of action

By exploring the industry landscape as it exists now, we can put an informed strategy together that combines tried and tested methods with innovative thinking.


The way we see it, content is universal currency and an essential element in any holistic SEO or marketing project. Simultaneously serving SEO, social media and link-building objectives, content marketing is a way of pulling all individual elements of your strategy together so that all channels work in synergy towards the ultimate goal.

Our content marketing has the potential to:

  • Bring a greater, wider audience to your website (and keep them on there)
  • Transform your social following into an engaged fan base
  • Boost your visibility for terms both surrounding your industry and directly related to your core products or services
  • Earn links to your site from large and reputable sites in your space

We believe in using the right tool for the job – so we create content tailored to your requirements, using the most appropriate format and promotional channels to deliver on your unique goals. From regular, relevant blog content and professionally optimised service pages to content that engages your social audience and earns links, our content marketing portfolio is diverse and guaranteed to serve your objectives.


Depending on which unique blend of content marketing best serves your business goals, the success of a project can be measured through:

  • Increased organic traffic to your website
  • Improved rankings for your key search terms
  • Better levels of engagement on social media and traffic sent through to the site from social channels
  • Greater site equity through links built
  • Higher conversion rates across your site

Professional content marketing will never deliver results overnight – it requires a long-term outlook and an enduring strategy. At GNT Media, we take a number of actions to guarantee the ongoing success of your content marketing project is being measured accurately.

We keep your content marketing project on track by:

  • Using Google Analytics to monitor an increase in site traffic, new and repeat visitors, the time they’re spending on the site and how successfully they’re converting
  • Tracking the performance of a wide range of core keywords to establish significant and continual long-term growth
  • Closely monitoring an increase in link equity – tracking links both built and earned as a result of content creation

Wondering how high quality content could engage your audience? Get in touch to explore our content marketing portfolio today.