Digital PR

“If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR.”

Bill Gates, Microsoft


One of the key challenges that comes with the speed at which online marketing is evolving is the confusing world of service labels and knowing which agencies you need for which work.

The big question is: when does social media activity stop being ‘community management’ and start being ‘public relations’?

What do you call talking to bloggers and journalists about linking to your site? It could be outreach (our personal favourite), it could definitely be link-building (the industry favourite), or it could even be PR.

At GNT Media, our definition of digital PR is a natural fusion of content marketing, link outreach and community management – and this complements, but by no means replaces, traditional PR. If that’s what you’re looking for, it doesn’t describe what we do – but it does describe some specialist PR agency clients we work with, and we’d be happy to introduce you to them.

At the end of the day, we don’t mind what you call it as long as any company looking to win business through search:

  1. Ensures their site is technically optimised.
  2. Creates content that adds legitimate value to the world.
  3. Makes sure that anyone who’s anyone – and that has to include journalists – knows about it.

We don’t consider ourselves a PR agency, but we’ll talk to journalists for you – and we do create press releases designed to impact on your online presence. However, if what you’re looking for is outstanding full service PR, we’d recommend opting for a PR specialist.

So, if we don’t do traditional PR, who is our digital PR service for?

  • PR agencies without search or social media expertise
  • Anyone not looking to invest in a full PR service but looking to see a serious impact on their search presence and, in turn, an impact on their general brand presence in online channels


Our digital PR service is a very specific one, but easily applicable to clients in any sector.

The project can often evolve as follows:

  1. We conduct a competitor analysis of content and link equity to identify the sorts of content that perform well in the sector and earn valuable links – which will almost certainly include press coverage.
  2. Our content marketing team creates a piece of entirely unique content – whether this comes from relevant industry data held by our clients, conversations with customers or even research undertaken for this particular purpose.
  3. With the outstanding content created and published on the client’s site, we reach out to influential figures and publications in the client’s industry – which will undoubtedly include journalists and bloggers among others.
  4. We follow up on every piece of coverage earned and, where no link was given, we ask for one. Offline coverage can be a happy accident of this work, but it isn’t our focus and therefore won’t be reported.
  5. We report on links earned and, in turn, the overall impact they’ve had on the client’s performance in search.

Ready to make industry waves with our help? Get in touch to find out how our PR expertise could help your brand level up starting today.