Search Engine Optimisation

At GNT Media, we’re SEO experts who use digital marketing best practices to make an impact online.

Our full service SEO solutions include:

  • Strategic planning and consultancy
  • Link-building
  • Content marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Community management

Integrating these core services is what helps us to dramatically impact our clients’ visibility in search results.

Today, the line between good SEO and good marketing is virtually nonexistent. We help our clients to boost traffic, conversions and sales through organic search – and as a result, they enjoy:

  • Greater brand visibility beyond organic search, in press and on social media
  • Better online relationships with their customers
  • Higher conversion rates through their website
  • Serendipitous benefits that vary from client to client

Many business owners view SEO as a strictly technical service, or place undue emphasis on a single element of the search engine optimisation process – and it’s our mission to show clients that SEO is the foundation of any holistic online campaign.

Agency clients turn to us for support with more niche aspects of search engine optimisation, thanks to our specialist skill sets – which is why we offer some standalone services in addition to full service SEO projects.


To guarantee success in every SEO project, we start by understanding the customer and their competitors.

Knowing the customer helps us to understand:

  • The way they behave online
  • The content they consume online, and why
  • The people and brands they’re influenced by, and why
  • The language they use when searching
  • The intent behind their search queries

And knowing their competitors means we can:

  • Identify where their traffic is coming from – especially the key searches they’re winning
  • Benchmark a client’s link equity against these competitors
  • Understand why sites are linking to competitors
  • Establish what content is working for them
  • Figure out what’s working for competitors in social media and the impact this is having on their overall performance

Once we have this knowledge at our fingertips, we can create a solid plan for:

  1. Keyword targeting and on-site optimisation.
  2. Content creation with an aim to address user search intent, contribute to online reach and, ultimately, convert.
  3. Growth of brand awareness and link equity through a) outreach to website owners and key industry influencers and b) coverage in news media and industry specific online publications.


We work closely with our clients to devise an SEO strategy that’s perfectly aligned with their business objectives, in order to make the site more profitable.

We initially offer clients an SEO audit to establish where we’re starting from. This means that our team will take a look at the site and give you a comprehensive report on how it could be improved from an SEO perspective, and how we could help search engines to recognise the site as highly relevant in terms of your target keywords. In this audit, you’ll get:

  • A technical analysis of the site to identify any flaws that might be holding it back
  • An analysis of how well the site is optimised for target keywords
  • Suggestions on how to take the site to the next level – meaning that, even if the site is technically perfect, you can still benefit from an audit

From here, we coordinate directly with our clients to create a custom SEO solution designed to increase online visibility. We address any unique gaps in your current strategy to help us maximise your performance online, whether the missing piece is an engaged social audience, sufficient link equity or irresistible on-site content.


The success of any SEO project must ultimately be measured in terms of sales growth and the impact completed work has on the bottom line – but we make sure we’re on track to your targets every step of the way.

We measure the ongoing impact of our work by tracking:

  • Conversions in Google Analytics. For ecommerce sites, this is exclusively sales and revenue focused – but conversion tracking is something all site owners can and should benefit from
  • Online enquiries, data captures, content downloads and interactions that suggest movement through the funnel
  • Traffic through to your site via search results
  • Keyword rankings across a broad spread of relevant keywords. Micro-tracking individual terms on a daily basis is a recipe for madness, but it’s crucial to see ongoing growth across the board – and keywords indicating an intent to buy should be closely monitored
  • Link equity growth across the domain
  • User behaviours that offer insight into the value added by a wider audience and fresh content, as these can also have a meaningful impact in search. Metrics we measure include bounce rate, pages viewed per visit, time on-site and returning visitors

Want to find out more? Get in touch to talk SEO with our experts today.