Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

GNT Dictionary: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Using social media to build a community around a brand in order to drive traffic to a website and gain recognition

Why is it important?

A large percentage of your target audience belong to online communities and social media groups. It is in these virtual forums that they share their opinions, their desires and their industry news. As this sharing becomes increasingly speedy so does the rate at which your audience’s knowledge and interests evolve.

By building a social media presence you can not only keep track of what your audience is talking about and current industry trends but can become an integrated part of that community. This provides a portal through which you can develop brand recognition as well as promote products and services.

By building genuine relationships in this way, businesses will find that audiences are much more receptive to quality content – while gaining followers who like and share the it, earning valuable links and a solid reputation.

The GNT Media Approach

GNT Media recognise this as a huge opportunity for our clients. Instead of simply targeting an audience with traditional ads, we can influence the group by becoming a part of it. Through setting up social media accounts for our clients and building up genuine relationships and connections within their industry, we can create a brand that people recognise and identify as a reliable industry source.

Let’s imagine that traditional ad marketing is something of a talent show in which every brand has a five second spot – the brands perform in front of the audience in an attempt to get their message across. Some of the audience hate it, some ignore it; a few might take heed. But what if instead of being up on the stage you could be in there with the audience? Sharing information with them, offering your opinion, getting to know them? This is what we aim to do with social media marketing. We take our clients down from the world of faceless advertising and make them a direct part of their target audience. Through doing this we can:

  • Build up brand recognition
  • Create content that the audience want and thus drive traffic to the client’s site
  • Advertise our client’s products and services to the community in a natural way

This all ties in with our content marketing strategy. How do you create content that a community wants to share and will enjoy? By using social media we can find out what makes your audience tick and provide them with content that they want and need instead of bombarding them with advertising.

Do you like the sound of social media marketing? Get in touch to find out how it could work for your business.