White Label

We deliver white label SEO services through our agency partners – and depending on the needs of our agency clients, this can involve one of our standard packages and menu of services or an entirely bespoke solution.

With our white label services, you set the price and manage the relationship with your client. We bill you at our agency rate, which we suggest that you mark up by at least 20%. Remember to build account management costs into your quote to your clients – allowing for the time you’ll spend with them each month.


With our white label solutions, you’ll be managing the relationship with your clients. That might mean a bit more work than a referral (hence the mark-up), but this gives you a great reason to talk to your clients every month long after the initial website project is finished.

The average revenue earned by our agency clients ranges from £350 – 700 per month, per project. We understand that you won’t introduce SEO services to your clients purely to earn this monthly retainer, though. In our opinion, the greatest benefits of adding these services to your client offering are:

  • Increased referrals for design+build projects due to client satisfaction across the board
  • Regular, ongoing design+build work from SEO clients as the project (and their website) continues to evolve
  • Massive decrease in churn, as ongoing monthly relationships with clients means they’re highly unlikely to look elsewhere for future design+build projects

We offer bespoke reporting to our agency clients – you tell us what you need and when you need it, then we deliver. Of course, we do have a suggested standard reporting format – which is highly growth focused – should you need it, but as always the GNT Media team is completely flexible.

Integrated Marketing Agencies

Like any of our agency clients, the integrated marketing agencies we work with have the option to work with us on a full service basis or on specific aspects of the project (see our menu of services). Integrated agencies tend to appreciate two elements of our service – our flexibility and our consultancy services (which allow them to grow internal expertise in search, to better service their clients). Our flexibility means we can initially work with a new client on a full service basis then, as the project evolves, begin to hand elements of the process back to our agency clients (or their clients) –  leaving us focused on more specific areas of the project.

When we deliver white label SEO solutions via integrated agencies, this tends to be part of a much larger overall project – making it a little more difficult to quantify the exact revenue generated through working with GNT Media. As with other agencies, we tend to suggest a markup of at least 20% – but we acknowledge that a lot of work goes into managing search as part of a wider project, which may make a significantly larger margin more appropriate.

Other SEO Agencies

While we’re happy to offer a full white-label SEO service to our SEO agency clients, most prefer to bring in our expertise for specific aspects of their work. Our whole range of services is available to agency clients – but SEO agencies typically want to work with us for two things: link-building and content marketing.

The way we use content and social media outreach (encompassing digital PR) to grow the link equity of our clients websites works – and it’s incredibly effective. We take what can be one of the more frustrating elements of an SEO project away from our agency clients – delivering link equity and outstanding content in a reliable and cost-effective way.

The SEO agencies we work with also tend to appreciate the relationship – as we’re always happy to give a second opinion, bounce ideas around or simply offer a sympathetic ear with those challenging projects or clients.

Some of our SEO agency clients place a mark-up on our services (usually the difference between our agency rate and their standard rate), while others simply view our link equity and content marketing work as part of the cost-of-sale of their wider projects – appreciating our low agency rates.